Conversation Centre

The most requested app ever

The heart of communication

The Conversation Centre is often people's highest priority, as communication with clients and partners is often difficult and too often one-way.

The Conversation Centre was created to enable two-way conversations, as opposed to one way communications, hence its name.

Gets the message through

As people vary in their preferences for different modes of communication, as well as to and from the aOS web & mobile apps the Conversation Centre routes messages automatically to and from the mechanisms each party prefers e.g. :

    standard-based protocols:
  • email
  • text messaging
  • instant messaging
  • and proprietary protocols such as:
  • twitter
  • facebook

All conversations are always visible in the Conversation Centre for reference later, no matter where they have come from or are going to.

Attachments, extensions & actions

As well as text, messages can include other items, which are exposed as actions

Resource Centre & Backpack send resources of all kinds to others via the Conversation Centre, where the sender does not have the permissions to add them to the recipient's backpack directly. The recipent then receives a message with a action button to accept or reject the item.

Within a conversation, a user can send an appointment booking request by choosing this option from the action menu.

Real-time presence

The real-time messaging capability of the Conversation Centre is further enhanced by built-in presence information, indicating whether users are on or off-line. This is user configurable.


The Conversation Centre can be extended to include other types of information or actions as required via custom cards and action menu items.

Fully scriptable in Appflows and via APIs.