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An IoT approach to medication management

an SBRI-funded solution co-produced with Folium Optics & partners

Reminds patients to take their medication using ultra-thin & low power displays on smart ornaments around the home & smart tags attached to medication packaging

Clinical trials with heart patients underway in Bristol


  • Patients are reminded to take the right drugs at the right time
  • poor medication compliance costs up to $290b annually
  • Warnings to carers & clinical staff help them provide better support
  • Efficacy improved by regular compliance with regimen
  • patients feel better & more in control

Solution Overview

How it works

Display on smart ornaments (e.g. photo stand) around home display message (e.g. "Time to take your medication") when any medication is due

Display on tags attached to each medication container in medicine cupboard displays a message if that medication is due

The patient takes the medication which are due & presses the button on relevant tags to confirm

Smart Tags communicate with a hub to report medication taken, which forward this on to the cloud server

The aOS cloud server compares medication taken with medication dosage schedule & sends message to ornaments to display confirmation message

Should a medication be missed, the aOS server generates alerts to the appropriate members of the patients care team to take appropriate action

Tags work independently when disconnected from hub - can be used away from home - syncs all data on reconnection

Tag battery level & signal strength monitored automatically, alerting support team when necessary e.g. to change battery

Technical details

Bluetooth LE tags communicate with android hub attached to cloud-based aOS server

Patients medication record created on aOS server

Tags programmed by hub with schedules from medication record on cloud server & maintain local record of medication taken confirmations

Notifications and alerts based on configurable rules

Tags periodically communicate medication taken, battery level & signal strength stats to hub

Hub posts medication and statistical data to & receives updates from the cloud server periodically

Android app allows registration of hubs and tags. Integrated via OAuth2 to cloud server & by bluetooth to barcode scanner


Core Apps & Services Employed

  • Personal Profile
  • Device Manager
  • Contacts Book
  • Conversation Centre
  • Notifications & Alerts
  • Smart Agents
  • App Flows
  • Journal
  • Groups
  • Settings
  • PHIL
  • Open Authentication
  • Access Control
  • Admin

Solution Specific Components

  • Medication Record
  • Record of drug dosage schedule
  • leverages books for structured record
  • Notification Rules
  • Alerts & notifications generated by agents based on configurable rules
  • leverages smart agents & instructions
  • Android Hub
  • Communicates with tags & smart ornaments via bluetooth LE
  • & aOS cloud server via API using JSON webservices
  • leverages pumpkin