Resource Centre

Federated Shared Knowledge

Knowledge bases & resource stores, built from the bottom up

Harnesses specialists

  • passionate about their focus areas
  • motivated to keep their areas up to date
  • aOS gives them real value
  • combine bottom-up to create a sustainable knowledge base

Automatic sharing across organisations & teams

Resources tagged public in a local, team or organisational resource centre are automatically shared in cross-organisation / cross-team resource centres

Organisational/team resource centres can build into a region-wide knowledge base

No limit to the levels or breadth of hierarchies

Integrate with professional systems

Integrates with health & social care applications via IHE (Integrating the Healthcare Enterprise) cross-domain document sharing (XDS)

Items in Backpack appears in external document management systems as if locally hosted

Items in external document management systems appear in the Backpack like any other item

Access Control

Control who is able to see what at the collection or single item level


Associate additional Smart Data items as required

Custom renderers give you complete control over their display

Custom actions via inline buttons or context-aware Action Menu