Shared Well


co-produced by older citizens & those who help them

including primary care, community health, public health, social services, council & housing associations, charities & commercial organisations across Leeds & Cardiff, Bristol & Cornwall

Everyone doing their bit

improving lives, health & wellbeing in coordination

Shared Well puts older people in the centre & helps them make the best of all available locally

Improving their lives & helping them stay fit, well & safe in their own homes, neighbourhoods & communities

Improving outcomes, reducing workload & saving money

Solution Overview


A community navigator from a local organisation gets to know what matters to you, what you want to get out of life & how you would like to be involved, as well as learning your needs & preferences

They pull together all the people, organisations, activies, events & services that match your preferences & needs, arranging things & making bookings & referrals as necessary to get everything going

Personal Support Network

Everyone involved is connected through your online Personal Support Network

Keeps all in touch, sharing information & coordinating their activies with you & each other

You no longer have to keep repeating the same thing again & again

Your team can include family, friends & neighbours & professionals & volunteers from all sorts of organisations


You are in control of who is connected & what they can see & do

Everyone is clear about your priorities

Your Action Plan ensures that everyone knows who's doing what & when & how you're getting on

Smart Technology

Everyone can work together effectively
so everything is a lot easier

Shared Well

  • helps spot problems early
  • ensures the right things happen
  • gives you peace of mind
  • everything's under control
  • can link up to sensors & devices
  • to help you live confidently in your own home


Core Apps & Services Employed

  • Personal Profile
  • Contacts Book
  • Conversation Centre
  • Notifications & Alerts
  • App Flows
  • Action Plan & Centre
  • Journal
  • Smart Books & Book Shelf
  • Backpack
  • Planner
  • Self-service Booking
  • Resource Centre
  • Groups
  • Invitations
  • Referrals
  • Achievements
  • Ratings
  • Comments
  • Settings
  • Instructions
  • Devices & Device Manager
  • PHIL
  • Open Authentication
  • Access Control
  • Bots & Smart Agents
  • Admin

Solution Specific Components

  • Life Book
  • structured Record of all dimensions of life
  • captures Guided Conversation
  • leverages Smart Books
  • Community Navigator Dashboard
  • task focused home page for Community Navigators
  • leverages PHIL
  • Service Directory
  • city-wide directory of organisations & services
  • leverages Resource Centre
  • GP Referrals
  • receive referral letters generated by GP system
  • extract data & convert to structured aOS Referral
  • leverages App Flows
  • Alerts Panel
  • view important Alerts on home page
  • review & snooze functions
  • leverages Alerts & Notifications & PHIL
  • Management Reporting
  • client & staff activity reports by organisation
  • leverages PHIL
  • Standard Tasks
  • auto generate tasks for Community Navigators
  • at particular points in client process
  • leverages Action Centre